Critical National Infrastructure

Airports.  As gateways of international trade and transportation, nations survive and compete in the globalized economy via their airports. In post-conflict environments, these entities are high-impact targets for attack, putting the security of personnel and resources at greater risk. TSI’s aviation security, protective services, technical systems and workforce management and training solutions protect international airports and support the safe movement of personnel, foreign trade and economic development. We help clients balance the implementation of adequate safety and security requirements with the needs of the travelling public, transport providers, on-site workforces and the costs of implementing the required infrastructure. The scale of our company combined with our knowledge, experience and capability make us the strategic partner of choice for many in the aviation industry.

Maritime.  Maritime transportation plays an integral role in facilitating international commerce, encouraging regional development and strengthening global partnerships and economies. We support our clients in ensuring the movement of trade, goods and commodities through major ports and minimize impacts for the risks of man-made and natural disruptions including terrorism, crime, civil strife and natural disasters. Taking an integrated approach to security and safety management, we provide strategic consultancy, technical design and systems, security management and protective and emergency services to foster resilience in port and commercial operations.

Telecommunications. The telecoms sector is at the forefront of growth among many of the world’s developing nations, supporting business, finance and consumers to connect as never before. As new technologies emerge and become more widespread, telecoms firms require a flexible partner with global reach to ensure the safe and effective operation of personnel and assets in frontier and developing markets. TSI works with some of the world’s largest telecommunications and telecoms equipment companies, providing threat advisory, security risk management and on-the-ground protective services to ensure continuity of operations in adverse climates.

Oil, Gas and other Resources.

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