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Ethics and Corporate Policies

At Tactical Solutions International, Inc., our ethical business values are cornerstone to our success. We firmly believe that not only our Company should follow and endorse all legal, moral and ethical standards, but our management team, employees and sub-contractors must hold these same values at their core. This is how we conduct our business. Since our inception in 2003, Tactical Solutions International, Inc. has been driven to set the standard for business conduct throughout the tactical training and private security industry. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct informs all our employees of the company's expectations and of their responsibilities and obligations as they relate to our fundamental values of legal, moral and ethical conduct. Code of Ethics for Tactical Solutions International, Inc.

To conduct business in a legal, ethical and moral manner. To conduct business in accordance with the spirit and letter of all laws, codes and regulations. Any acts or practices of discrimination are strictly prohibited. Any acts of harassment are strictly prohibited. Maintain high standards of integrity, honesty and professionalism at all times. Protect all company assets and proprietary information. Disclose only that information to those with the right to know. The right to know will be determined by a legally enforceable claim of that right. Avoid any actions which may be misleading as to our business practices or which could be considered a conflict of interest. Avoid conflicts of interest and refuse any gifts, favors or services in or for the performance or our duties. Show concern for the communities in which we are working and be a moral and professional example to all members. Use sound judgment and discretion in the performance of our duties. Report any wrongdoing or inappropriate behavior by fellow employees to a supervisor. Candidates must be able to pass classroom and field test requirements on an ongoing basis to be determined by management.

Up to date certificates and licensures must be held in weapons, secondary weapons and lifesaving techniques. People skills and negotiation skills are a must. Continuing education classes will be required as management sees fit and according to changing environments and responsibilities.

Read TSI’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

In June 2012, Tactical Solutions International, Inc. became a signatory of the International Code of Conduct (ICoC) for Private Security Service Providers. This initiative aims to set global standards for the private security industry and establish independent mechanisms for effective governance and oversight.

The ICoC is the result of a multi-stakeholder initiative coordinated by private security companies, industry associations, civil society and individual business leaders with the assistance of the Government of Switzerland and in consultation with the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States.

In addition to the ICoC, Tactical Solutions International, Inc. has served as a voting member of the ASIS Working Group and Technical Committee for the development of a recognizable and uniform standard for the operation and conduct of Private Security Companies. ASIS utilized both the ICoC and the Montreaux Document as a basis for their recently published standard.

"It is imperative that those who provide security services in conflict areas understand and adhere to the framework of both the ICoC and the standards of conduct / operations as established by both the Montreaux Document and the ASIS standards of Private Security Companies. Our becoming a signatory on the ICoC underlines our commitment to ethical & humane performance, oversight and accountability," said Brian Bewley, President and CEO of Tactical Solutions International, Inc.

Read the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Contractors

Tactical Solutions International, Inc. (TSI) is a the leading provider of risk management, training and operational support services to government and commercial clients globally.
TSI brings together the world-class capabilities and experience of Tactical Training International, LLC, Burris Security Services, Burris GunWerks, High Altitude Mountain Training Center, Bewley Energetics and all of their affiliates. This consolidation of companies under the TSI umbrella provides our clients with a single partner with project experience that spans the globe.
At TSI, our primary task/mission is to provide the highest degree of service in the most challenging of environments for our customers...Anywhere, Anytime, Anything. TSI’s greatest asset are our employees. They possess unparalleled dedication and professionalism in all tasks while upholding the highest standards of accountability, compliance, quality and integrity.
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