As global terrorism continues to rise, the ability to identify, avoid and mitigate physical, operational and cyber threats is critical to the ongoing defense of homelands across the globe. Having managed protective force operations for government agencies for more than a decade, TSI has extensive experience planning and implementing operations to protect critical facilities that support the nation’s infrastructure. Our security solutions reflect our operational capabilities and in-depth knowledge of the spectrum of potential threats as well as the highly trained resources needed to implement plans effectively.


TSI has developed and implemented fully integrated, comprehensive security programs for critical infrastructure clients; utility corporations; fossil, energy and nuclear power facilities; national laboratories; ports; airports and a wide range of federal facilities and installations.

The increasing complexity of our global threat landscape poses great risk for governments operating in high-risk, remote areas or emerging markets. A trusted, proven partner to government clients worldwide, TSI delivers elite, professional protective services to safeguard government missions overseas, whether diplomatic, military, or aid-oriented. Our intelligent, customized security solutions are specifically designed to interlace with client operations, allowing our customers the ability to remain focused on their primary business or policy objectives within a secure environment.

We support national governments, foreign militaries and host nation security forces through the provision of personal security details and convoy escort teams for dignitaries, government officials and personnel as well as static security services for government compounds, emergency relief centers, military forward operating bases and other temporary and permanent government facilities around the world. With thousands of successful missions across the Middle East, South and Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Americas, we have vast experience mobilizing and managing large numbers of security teams and local guard-forces on-site in remote, conflict-ridden areas and disaster zones.

Our teams of professionally trained, protective security specialists are led by former senior government officials with preeminently military, law enforcement and special operations backgrounds. They are experts in counterterrorism, special operations, training, weapons, explosives, security strategy and analysis, medical preparedness and high-risk crisis operations.

At TSI, customer service and safety take precedence. We are widely known for our stringent training, exacting code of ethics, astute strategy and flawless execution. Our companies adhere to  Private Security Company Standards (PSC.1) and continue to maintain long-standing commitments of adhering to, and living by, the principles of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC), to which TSI is a signatory.

With more than a decade of experience supporting national strategic objectives, TSI delivers discreet, support solutions to help the military, law enforcement and intelligence sectors respond to threats against national security, while solving some of their most critical mission challenges both at home and abroad.

We provide a broad range of innovative mission support solutions for low-visibility or classified operations, including full-spectrum supply chain management; turnkey logistics and planning; fully integrated life support; comprehensive, intelligent security; and elite training services.

Our clients benefit from our ability and willingness to self-perform, manage and execute logistics operations in austere, complex locations and conditions. We leverage a vast resource capability, global partner network and world-class facilities to deliver rapid-response, compartmentalized services that meet each clients’ unique, and often delicate, requirements. Furthermore, TSI possesses an intimate knowledge of, and profound respect for, the economies, communities and cultures in which we serve.

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